About us

Who we are

LJL Family Enterprises Inc., doing business as Blacklist Tobacco Imports, was established in December 2021 and is registered in the state of Arizona.

Blacklist Tobacco Imports is a family-owned business. The corporation is solely owned by Lewis J. Lowe IV and Magaly Lowe. Magaly oversees manufacturing and importation of our products from her homeland Dominican Republic while Lewis handles daily business affairs such as marketing and distribution in the United States. By combining their individual skill sets and experience, the Lowe family delivers an unrivaled and charismatic experience to their customers and business partners.

The company sells directly to wholesalers, distributors, and online customers. We currently offer two premium cigar products Royal Flush®️ and Poker Face ®️. They also offer Leaf Cutz, which is a leaf wrap product. They also have the Sweet Leaf cigarillo which is offered in various flavors.


“Our tobacco products stand out due to their exceptional quality. We source only the finest leaves from renowned regions, ensuring a rich, smooth, and satisfying smoking experience. Our meticulous curing and blending processes guarantee consistency and flavor in every product.” Lewis L. – Founder

“We use a blend of premium tobacco leaves that provide a balanced and flavorful smoke. With decades of experience in tobacco cultivation and processing, our products honor the rich tradition of tobacco craftsmanship.” Magaly L. – Founder
LJLFamily Enterprises Inc.